Clara Kuhnke/ 2023/ visual communication ZHdK

Starting with our own photographic and urban research, a point system was developed to assess the degree of gentrification of the buildings along the Hohlstrasse, Zürich. The resulting Gentri-score as well as additional photographic and historical data and a building index were presented in an informative poster and animation. This project was created in collaboration with Jelka Freivogel.

Hohlstrasse 171 – 449/ May 2023/ poster and animation

Raggio is inspired by the lettering of an italian Car Garage. The Lettering was characterized by its combination of very round and very angular letters. Therefore Raggio was designed around one of the simplest geometric shapes – the Circle – resulting in a geometric/constructed sans serif with an even line width.

Raggio.otf/ May 2023/ Type Specimen

What would happen if two brands from completely different industries collaborated? You would need a collaboration logo, a product, a strategy and a store – a visual identity. In the fictional collaboration between Cartier and Kikkoman the common strategy was found in three core values – success, luck and durability. The apperance of the Luck collection is based on the hexagonal shape in the Kikkoman logo.

Cartier×Kikkoman/ May 2023/ Magazine Ads

Censorship, a system that already exists but could be taken much further. What might total censorship in the entertainment sector look like? The invention of «The Big Censory» aims to answer this question. It is a visual experiment that resulted in a logo, a character set for audio, images and text as well as cases of use in various areas of the entertainment world.

Big Censory/ June 2023/ Booklet

This book talks about how the human being ended up in such a fast world and how it affects the situation on our tables. The texts on the three topics, slow food (A), fast life (B) and the beauty of speed (C), were divided into chapters and run simultaneously on the pages. The challange was to present these three parts in a visually attractive and still readable way and combine them with my photo series.

fast life, slow food and the beauty of speed/ December 2022/ Book

Using the concept of the comic grid, a magazine was designed as an annual review for the Zurich-based graphic novel publisher – Edition Moderne. Reviews of 12 selected books, the book specifications and a bilingual summary are included. The challange was to create a visually attractive book review without the use of images.

Edition Moderne/ November 2022/ Magazine

A very free approach to designing a modular font. From handwritten letters with a poster pen to a modular system for the digital design of the Grotesque letters.

Styl the font/ January 2022/ Type Specimen, Postcards

Café and bar, day and night – a graphic concept for a fictional place that changes its appearance through the day: naming, visualization a logo, a pattern and various applications.

LOLA/ December 2021/ Corporate Identity

A graphic and photographic examination of the patterns of animal fur. The color gold as well as the rasterization of the photograph played a major role in this risograph project.

animal print/ November 2021/ Mini-Zine, Risography